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About us

Plasmac Industries has been dedicated to the satisfaction of Pen consumers by providing quality pen casings. We have the
stylish and innovative pen casing product you need to choose every pen set in a different way. Wholesale or retail pen boxes, our
aim is to produce the best aesthetic products with competitive price and delivered on time.

We understand the importance of presenting good quality products to the customers and relatives, surely which you can achieve
by purchasing our quality pen casings product, which will definitely add value to your products.

We have being one of the pioneer manufacturers of different range and quality of plastic pen boxes for majority pen manufacturers
and exporters of national and international. We also manufacture different and quality packing products as per the requirement of

For your convenience, we have divided the products in 3 types i.e. standard, premium & exclusive pen boxes, which include
plastic boxes, acrylic boxes, gift sets, and leatherette boxes. The fittings can be tailored as per requirement of customers i.e. for
single pen, two pens up to set of five.

The company started in year 1970, from date we have being continuously improving the quality, delivery time and the most
important , the aesthetic looks of pen boxes, which is being checked and if require is altered within months by our design
department and staff  for the satisfaction of the customers. Plasmac industry is a best supplier of the pen boxes in India and also
exporting the products all over the world.
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